The Cocoa2 loudspeaker embodies all the qualities that are integral to Audio Epilog: purity, beauty and soul. Representing the essence of pure listening pleasure, the Cocoa2 is a true florstanding audiophilia that offers an astonishing blend of performance and exhilaration. It is a loudspeaker with two distinct personalities: open and invigorating, or subtle and cosseting.


  • 25mm MDF
  • Power suspension of panel vibrations
  • H-type interior damping for canceling standing waves
  • Twin ported system (front and back) 
  • 40mm dia. procrome spikes 

Driver Units:

  • Scan-Speak and Peerless 
  • 164mm HDS Nomex woofer
  • 25mm silk soft dome tweeter


  • 1st order crossover
  • Oxigen free copper air coils 
  • Mundorf audiophile capacitors
  • Metal-oxide film resistors
  • Silver point-to-point soldering


  • Frequency response 40Hz to 24kHz +/-3db
  • Sensitivity 90db/1m/1V
  • Impedance 4 Ohm
  • Amplifier recommendation 200W/per channel
  • Albino cable used for all internal wiring
  • Singlewire gold plated copper terminals ready for 4mm banana plugs, spade plugs or wire up to 16sqmm


  • Satin white
  • Satin black
  • Piano gloss all colours - please ask for offer


  • H 925mm/36.4"
  • W 268mm/10.6"
  • D 455mm/18"
  • Net weight per piece 30kg/67lbs
  • Wooden crate pack as special order