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We’ve produced the most intense listening experience for PRIME we’ve ever created. At the core of PRIME is the new 12“ woofer, delivers range up to 16kHz. That's why PRIME sounds so natural. No crossover at critical midrange area. PRIME is taking advantage of the optimum deep bass and minimal distortions at frequencies our ears are most sensitive - about 1kHz where most of today’s two way speakers fail on tests. Combined with a super high frequency driver it delivers quick response and pin precise sound stage. It sounds like a one way speaker but no lack in extremes. Deep bass, airy highs, no horn-alike tubular sound. And 99db sensitivity! Put it on high quality low power amp and it will shine.


  • 18mm MDF
  • Resonant Pipe System (tuned at 460Hz)

Driver Units:

  • Eminence AE
  • 300mm midwoofer
  • 25mm silk soft dome tweeter


  • 3st order crossover
  • Oxigen free copper air coils
  • Mundorf audiophile capacitors
  • Metal-oxide film resistors
  • Silver point-to-point soldering


  • Frequency response 34Hz to 20kHz +/-3db
  • Sensitivity 99db/1m/1V
  • Impedance 8 Ohm
  • Amplifier recommendation 3 to 100W/per channel
  • Albino cable used for all internal wiring
  • Biwire gold plated copper terminals ready for 4mm banana plugs, spade plugs or wire up to 16mm


  • H 1260mm/50"
  • W 370mm/15"
  • D 370mm/15"
  • Net weight per piece 32kg/71lbs
  • Wooden crate packed piece total 63kg per piece