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THE ULTIMATE SEAL Proportion, presence, purity. ICE deliveres the most beautiful and realistic sound in its class. Taking something away allowed us to add so much more. It is sculpted to convey sophistication as much as raw power. ICE was an engineering challenge. A challenge we passed. It delivers deep and clear bass from sealed cabinets, „in-room“ midrange effect and pure cristal clear high notes. Put it anywhere in your room and it will glow. Both of your ears and eyes will enjoy it. ICE age has started.


  • 15mm Chrome Metalised OSB
  • Sealed system

Driver Units:

  • Peerless AE
  • 130mm SDS woofer
  • 25mm silk soft dome tweeter
  • Magneticaly shielded


  • 1st order crossover
  • Oxigen free copper air coils
  • Mundorf audiophile capacitors
  • Metal-oxide film resistors
  • Silver point-to-point soldering


  • Frequency response 60Hz to 20kHz +/-3db
  • Sensitivity 86db/1m/1V
  • Impedance 8 Ohm
  • Amplifier recommendation 50 to 100W/per channel
  • Albino cable used for all internal wiring
  • Singlewire gold plated copper terminals ready for 4mm banana plugs, spade plugs or wire up to 16mm


  • H 265mm/10.2"
  • W 140mm/5.5"
  • D 220mm/8.7"
  • Net weight per piece 4kg/9lbs
  • Wooden crate packed pair total 15kg per pair